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committee about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. micha micha michael morell will testify instead. >> we've got to get to the bottom of benghazi. i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi before, during, and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> reporter: cnn has not been able to reach broadwell for comment. now, the woman who allegedly received those harassing e-mails from broadwell hasn't been identified publicly and, of course, questions still remain about just what those e-mails contain. fred? >> what more can you tell us about paula broadwell. >> reporter: we know that she's a married mother of two, lives in charlotte, north carolina, and first met general petraeus back in 2006 when he came to harvard's kennedy school of government to give a speech. she was a graduate student there and she was doing a dissertation on him that later turned into a book and had those in-person interviews that we've been hearing about. more is emerging as time goes on. fred? >> thank you so much from washington. so general petraeus was originally s
. >>> meanwhile, with david petraeus out, the cia has a new leader. michael morell is a career cia officer who has held a variety of leadership positions and it's the second time he's held the role of acting director. david martin has more. >> reporter: after only 14 months, david petraeus, the supposedly indispensable man, is gone. without warning, a new man, michael morell, must step forward from his post as deputy first to leon panetta, then to petraeus, and take over. john mclachlan knows what that's like. he did it in 2004. >> once you're sitting in that chair, there's no one sitting behind you. there's no safety net. so the acting director for all practical purposes is the director for that period of time. >> reporter: can morell head an organization in the middle of a shooting war. he has been in on the war since it started. as president bush's daily briefer, he delivered the famous briefing in august of 2001, bin laden determined to strike in u.s. he was with the president on 9/11, relaying reports from cia headquarters. he is an analyst, not an operator. but then, neither was panetta, who
morale who is a career agency analyst, michael morel has now stepped in as acting director again. i think that is, from the standpoint of the cia and the establishment of the u.s. intelligence office the most positive thing you could say. >> thank you, david, and richard, that's "hardball" for now. coming up next, "your business" with j.j. ramberg. since my first twenty-ninth birthday. [ female announcer ] head & shoulders. live flake free. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours. michael morell will step in as acting director and he has been deputy director since may of 2010. more on this later in the hour. >>> turning to the economy now. with just 52 days to reach a deal, president obama is set to meet with congressional leaders to discuss the so-called fiscal cliff. both the president and house speaker boehner said they are open to compromise, but tax hikes on the rich are a sticking point. >>> number three, the teen girl shot in the head by the taliban for trying to go to school in pakistan is now walking and reading and writing and smiling. this is new video of malali youssufzai. she received international support and thousands of get-well cards. today marks one month since the attack. >>> people who were made homeless by superstorm sandy are finding some relief courtesy of fema. fema has set up a temporary shelter camp in new jersey that looks like a massive tent city. it houses more than 200 people affected by the storm, as well as thousands of utility workers and first responde
' resignation. now it is up to petraeus' deputy michael morel to lead the agency and face what is likely to be harsh questioning on the benghazi attack when he testified on the hill in place of petraeus, that will happen next week. morel started as an economic analyst with the cia more than 30 years ago. officials here at the white house say president obama has the utmost confidence in morel. he was one of the key people briefing the president during the planning process of the osama bin laden operation. lester? >> kristen welker at the white house tonight. thanks. >>> we are four days past the presidential election. tonight the counting is finally over in the state of florida. barack obama has claimed the state's 29 electoral votes, beating mitt romney by about 74,000 votes. giving the president a 332-206 final margin in the electoral college. thankfully, this time the presidency wasn't left hanging in the balance, but a dozen years after bush versus gore, a lot of folks are wondering why florida can't get its act together. nbc's kerry sanders has our report from miami. >> reporter: as
by acting cia director michael morell who helped explain the flawed talking points rice repeated in talk show appearances days after the libya attack. in a statement rice said we certainly wish we had perfect information, as is often the case, the intelligence assessment has evolved. >> she said what she believed was true and she was under no political influence from the white house. >> reporter: republicans aren't buying that. >> we are significantly troubled by many of the answers that we got and some that we didn't get. >> reporter: rice is also defending her own potential nomination as secretary of state. the white house says the focus on rice is about washington politics. >> people are more interested in talking points from a sunday show than they are about finding out what happened in benghazi. >> reporter: that attack now a front line for a political battle on capitol hill. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> elsewhere, the tampa socialite caught up in the scandal involving david petraeus is going on the offensive. after two weeks of silence, kelley's lawyer has released e-mail
hharing on he attacks in benghazi, but now theeagency's interim director "michael morel" will speak in is place.. lance armstrong has officiallyy foundation. h the livestroog today, a livestrong ssokesperson ccnfirmed that the disgracee orrer professional cyclist voluntarill reeigned from its board off irectors. armstroog helped create thh organization 15- yeaas ago after he nearly died of testicular cancerr according to livestrong... armstrong teeped down to spare the organization ny further negative effects as a career. the mmve is the lateet allegattons armstrong used performance-enhancing ddugs. armstrong has not dmitted to using the substances, but e has aaso chosen not to ight the chargee against him. earlier we told ttat kevin clash ...theedundalk native street character elmo has taken a eavv of absencc. accusations that he had sex pith an uuderage boy....ut no crrmmnal ccarges have been file. filed. its our question of the day firee?. so far most of the ?..- response on our faccbook page reminds us that you are innoceet until proven guilty. go to foo-baltimore dot c
: michael morel is testifying today. david petraeus will testify behind closed doors tomorrow. one hearing today is not closed, the house foreign affairs committee is asking experts to offer their assessment of what went wrong. >> it's two months later and too little is known about what took place. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton will not testify this week. she's scheduled to talk lawmakers once the state department completes its own investigation. danielle nottingham, cbs news capitol hill. >> general petraeus was taken off today's witness list when he resigned last friday. lawmakers are very vocal that they want to hear what he has to say about benghazi, so he is headed to the hill tomorrow morning. >>> mitt romney says that he lost the presidential election because of the gifts that president obama gave to african- americans and hispanics and to his core supporters. that's explanation that romney gave his donors during a conference call yesterday. he said the president used programs like obama care to get the black vote and amnesty for children of illegal immigrants o to
deputy michael morell has been acting director of the cia. it's morell who will testify against congress next week on cia performance on libya where a raid killed three americans in september. used to having his every command followed during his days in the military, patraeus had a different culture among career officers. office erred trained not to carry out -- officers trained not to carry out commands. it is a very public fumble and a career of success after success. he had even been mentioned adds a president candidate. but even tonight when it comes to some important service role in the future, don't count him out. derek. >> well, petraeus is not the only one stepping down following on inappropriate relationship. >>> today the future ceo of leckeed martin. they found out. asked for his job. he had been scheduled to become ceo in january. >>> president obama is inviting congressional leaders to both parties from the white house. he wants to get them together and work on avoiding the fiscal cliff. >> at the time when our economy is still recovering from the great recession, our top pr
as a pitbull you want on your side. his deputy michael morell has been named as acting director of the cia. >> still so many details we don't know here, but congress will hold a hearing in a week or two on the cia. what happens there? >> that's about the attack in benghazi where our american ambassador and two ci acontractors were killed and petraeus was going to take the lead, now that falling on morell, but investigators saying there's no connection between this announcement and that hearing. >>> they say they're willing to work together, but talk is cheap as the old saying goes in addressing the impending financial chaos known as the fiscal cliff. president obama and house speaker john boehner seem to be sticking to their guns, those old noncompromising my way or the highway type guns. >> i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. i'm not going to do that. >> the problem with raising tax rates on the wealthiest americans is that more than half of th
. >> for now acting cia director michael morell is set to testify about the benghazi attack on capitol hill, but on "meet the press" this morning "washington post's" bob woodward talked about the possibility of general petraeus still being called to testify. >> it is not going away and the question will be, i suspect, will he be asked to testify as a private citizen either in closed door, probably only petraeus -- if he has the ability to stop this benghazi frenzy. >> congressional hearings on benghazi are set for thursday. >>> sunny, nice day today, warm out there, but some rain could be on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us what we can expect. >> good evening, everybody. what a wonderful day to be outside today. sunshine from start to finish, and we made it to 71 degrees at national airport. a clear sky still overhead and your sunday evening is going to be a very pleasant one. current temperatures are still in the mild low 60s across most of the immediate metro area. 57 now for gaithersburg, some of the cool spots. clear and relatively mild by november stand
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to. >> alisyn: on thursday and instead he extended the acting director of the cia michael morelle in his stead. let's rewind the tape for a moment. we know he was involved in an extramarital affair, the way it came to light, we have some information, the fbi was investigating threatening harassing e-mails, sent to an unknown woman, paula broadwell, he was involved. >> to keep it straight, she sent e-mails she thought may be getting too close to her man who is not her man to begin with because he's married, she's married. the fbi goes-- the woman with threatening e-mails, i'm getting threatening e-mails, the fbi checks it out and leads to general petraeus. >> alisyn: reportedly. >> dave: you don't want to read too far into this, but it looks like there's another woman, but no one has reported that as of yet and there are two stories emerging on when exactly the president was informed of all of this. now, the latest, most popular report that is, is that the president was told after the election on thursday, that the white house learned on wednesday, the president was told on thursda
.s. consulate in libya. acting cia director michael morell will testify instead but some republicans weren't pleased. >> at the end of the day, the one thing that has to happen in my view is we need to get to the bottom of benghazi. i don't see how in the world find out what happened in benghazi before, during, and after the attack if petraeus doesn't testify. >> cnn has not been able to reach broadwell for comment. now, the woman who alergely received those e-mails has been identifies publicly and, of course, still questions remain over just what those e-mails contain, fredricka. >> what can more can you tell us about paula broadwell and how they met general petraeus. >> she is a married woman of two and she met him and started researching this disser tags that later turned into a book and contacted him via e-mail and person and that's where it all began. >> athena jones, thanks for that update from washington. >> thanks. >> so general petraeus was originally scheduled to testify before congress. you heard athena reporting on that. he won't, though lawmakers may still compel him to at som
confidence in acting director michael morell and the men who work every day to keep our country safe. going forward, my thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly petraeus, who has done so much to help military families throughout her own work." president obama does not specifically reference the affair that director petraeus says that he had in his resignation letter. just his thoughts and prayers go out to the petraeus family. this comes at a time when the obama administration is under intense scrutiny for the benghazi attack that left four americans dead, including ambassador stevens. he was expected to testify next week and that is now not going to hoopen. i just want to make one note about the acting director, michael morell he is someone who is a career agency officer. someone who the president has a lot of confidence in and, according to the administration official, this is someone who was deeply engaged in the planning and effort to take down osama bin laden and who briefed the president regularly, so it really bolstered the president's confidence in him. right now he is serving a
michael morel. we were briefed yesterday, and there has been growing outrage about this whole story in terms of who was told what and when. congressional members want to know why they were not briefed. they actually found out about it through the media. many of them claimed lawmakers are now demanding answers from attorney general eric holder about one he knew and whether or not he shared what he knew what the president. people found it unbelievable that he would not have. we will be joined by committee chairman peter king and in a few moments from now, mr. eric holder's future is once again a question. developing news this morning as well from capitol hill. after much speculation, house minority leader nancy pelosi will keep her job. a brand-new our starts right now of "america's newsroom" i am martha mccallum. bill: and i am bill hemmer. nancy pelosi and her move coming after democrats failed to win the house majority. peter is live from washington. did she she explained why she wants to stay? reporter: our sources inside the caucus room where she made her announcement, congresswo
access to he e-mails or other computer access. michael morell was appointed to take over, and he released this statement thanking petraeus for his service. >> he has made our country safer and stronger. going forward, my thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly petraeus. now this comes as the cia and the obama administration face intense scrutiny about that b benghazi attack. >> what can you tell us about mike morell? will he now testify? this week is the hearing on the benghazi attack, correct? >> that's what's expected. she very well known not only to the president, but to the cia. he is a career agency officer. he joined back in 1980 when he was just 21 years old as an economic analyst. he is one of the top people who was briefing president obama during the planning process to take down osama bin laden, so president obama has a tremendous amount of confidence in michael morell. >> and in terms of members of congress in the intelligence community, an interesting reaction. it it come as a complete shock? >> a complete shock. i was working the phones all day long talking to my sources
director michael morell, who is a career agency analyst. michael morell has stepped in as acting director again. i think that's from the standpoint of the cia and the stability of u.s. intelligence efforts the most positive thing you could say. morell is a career guy. he's trusted by the white house. he was trusted by petraeus, and so you have a smoother transition than you sometimes do in these situations. >> let me get back to richard engel about this. you know, you know these guys. you know as a military guy covering our fights overseas, the combat operations in iraq especially, this man was almost at the general mcarthur level just a few years ago. people were talking about him being the republican candidate for the presidency in the current election cycle. this is a big fall. this is a big fall down from where he was in our national estima estimate. >> it's almost the fall of an american hero. this last decade didn't create very many heros in the public imagination. there were many heroes who were recognized by their brothers in arms, but i think there's only been really two so far,
. >> yeah. colonel jack, officials say that general petraeus' deputy, michael morell, will serve as interim director of the cia. what do we know about michael morell? >> very well thought of inside the organization and ems where, particularly in congress and at the white house. >> a career intelligence -- >> career intelligence -- effectively a career intelligence guy. very capable, extremely steady and very well thought of. and this is, of course, the highest position he has or will ever hold. the likelihood is he will be replaced as soon as they can find somebody who is more politically oriented, more satisfactory in a political sense to the white house, but they can leave him there for a long time doing this. he's done it for a long time and is very well thought of. >> there's a history of cia directors being rejected by the senate when their confirmation comes up. it's a very hard job to fill. jimmy carter when he first became president nominated theodore sorenson, the former kennedy aide. he was rejected by the senate because he had been a conscientious objector during world war ii. bo or a cia insider, you probably don't. so who is now leading the cia? a look at michael morell, his experience and the role he'll play in the benghazi hearings. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. if you're eligible for medicare, you might know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help pay some of the difference. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and you never need a referral to see a specialist. so don't wait. call now to request a free decision guide to help you understand medicare. and which aarp medicare supplement plan might work best for you. there's a range to choose from, depending on your needs and your
director of the c.i.a., michael morell has been described as acting director, white house officials describe him as a total pro, an all star who advised the president on his decision to raid osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. so morell, it would seem is on the short list to replace petraeus. nsise house officials insist knight, scott, they knew nothing about petraeus' infidelity or this f.b.i. investigation until wednesday, the day after the presidential election. >> pelley: nancy, thanks very wch. we're joined by senior correspondent john miller, who's been talking to his sources on the story. john, why would the f.b.i. be investigating the communications of the director of the c.i.a.? >> normally that wouldn't be the case. ikat is much more likely here is nica the communications of someone else-- possibly in a foreign country that are now touching the c.i.a. director's communications-- would rise to their attention. and then what happens here is they're looking at these messages and they seem to be cryptic in nature, which raises the question, all right, well, who is this per
everybody. cia deputy director michael morel will be acting as acting director of the cia. petraeus stepped down after admitting to a secret affair. molly has the top store store. >> the other woman is petraeus' biographer. they stumbled on the affair in a breach in petraeus security. it means that petraeus will not testify in libya hearingings next week. drivers in new york city and long island dealing with odd-even gas rationing. it has shortened the lines. but gas is running slow as supply term nools are at reduced capacity. marine corp is 230 years old today. the pentagon held a celebration. paneta was there. and army general martin dempsey and marine corp commandant. >> and justin bieber and selena gomez broke up last week because of distance and busy schedules 18 year old bieber was spotted in a victoria secret fashion show on wednesday. oh, bieber how you disappoint us. >> my daughter will be disappointed about that news. >> switching gears. days after reelection and talk of common ground with the gop to avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama isad odds with speaker boehner. am they
, michael morell, must step hisard from his post as deputy, first to leon panetta then to petraeus, and take over. john mclaughlin knows what that's like. he did it in 2004. >> once you're sitting in the chair, there's no one sitting >> ond you. tere's no safety net. no the acting director for all ractical purposes is the director for that period of time. >> reporter: can morell, an economist by training, head an organization in the middle of a shooting war? he has been in on the war since it started. as president bush's daily it briefer, he delivered that famous briefing in august of 2001 "bin laden determined to strike in u.s. " he was with the president on 9/11, relaying reports from c.i.a. headquarters. e is an analyst, not an operator. but then, neither was panetta who, during his term as c.i.a. director, headed the most successful operation of all: the hunt for osama bin laden. morell was part of that operation, assigned to come up with arguments why the intelligence that bin laden was hiding in a pakistani compound could be wrong. like the president before, this president knows morell
and acting cia director michael morele about the events that led to david petraeus's resignation as head of the spy agency. petraeus left the job when news of an affair with his biographer paula broadwell became public. >> did you have any indication -- [overlapping speakers] >> reporter: tampa socialite jill kelly initiated the resignation that led to his resignation after receiving e- mails linked to broadwell and kelley is connected to another general as well america's top commander in afghanistan general john allen. the pentagon look is at more than 20,000 documents and e- mails between allen and kelley which some have labeled inappropriate and flirtatious. >> no one should leap to any conclusions. >> reporter: general allen's nomination to be the next leader of u.s. forces european command and nato's supreme allied commander is in doubt. >> his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. >> reporter: the white house says president obama still trusts general allen. >> he has faith in general allen, believes he is doing and has done an e
head of the cia, michael morel, james clapper and matthew olson among those facing questions. members of the house foreign affairs committee are asking whether officials ignored warnings and request for extra security and whether intelligence con flicked it with the -- conflicted with what the obama officials were saying in the aftermath of the attack. >> i am appalled the administration could not anticipate escalating violence , and then failed to step up security measures to protect our diplomats. furthermore we have seen blunder after bluppedder as the administration avoids responsibility and accountability. the delay tactics are unacceptable. now that we made it past the convenient distraction of an election, i expect to hear some real answers. it is time to fess up. >> democrats warned against jumping to conclusions before knowing all of the facts. some suggest republicans are playing politics with this. >> i am disturbed at some of the political rhetoric i hear. you know, barack obama was no maury responsible -- no more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush
. >> reporter: in his place today acting cia director michael morell a leading candidate to replace petraeus at the cia. now paula broadwell and jill kelly two women involved here are not making any statements to the press so far. general allen is considering making a statement. >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning. >>> jill kelley is well-known in social circles for her work with the military community. kelly and her husband often hosted parties for officers and their families. she was given an honorary ambassadorship for her work. over the weekend she made a call to 911 complaining about a reporter near her property claiming she was a diplomat. >> i have vulnerability, they should not be able to stalk my property. >> the state dartment says kelly has no formal affiliation with it and the u.s. central command in tampa says she has no official position with it. meanwhile the defense secretary panetta demost ad four star general. william ward was stripped of a star after being accused of spending thousands of dollars on lavish travel and other unauthorized spends. he's been ordered to
intelligence committee aide says cia deputy director michael morell who now serves as acting director of the agency will testify in place of petraeus thursday. >>> certainly a lot of unanswered questions tonight. one, being why it took so long for general petraeus to resign long after his affair was discovered. earlier tonight we asked that question to ronald kessler, the chief washington correspondent for here's some of that. >> the president, of course, was informed about this right away and he wanted to wait to ask for his resignation until after the election obviously to avoid some kind of embarrassment to give the other side some ammunition to create more controversy. >> kessler says since the general's resignation there's been lots of conspiracy theories thrown around including that his resignation had something to do with the consulate attack in libya. kessler says those rumors in his opinion are false. >>> defense company lockheed martin has fired its president and upcoming ceo over a relationship with a subordinate. 51-year-old christopher kubicik was scheduled t
of the current acting director michael morell or someone else but they need to settle down and get back to the work of spying because this is, we all know this is really a dangerous world and if you have a cia out of commission waiting for congressional investigations to be over, we're all in trouble. >> rose: is brennan the likely choice. >> brennan has been such a loyal devoted person for the president it is said the president turns to him before these really hard decisions about drawing the tax or bin laden. what do you think. brennan says i really like this job i suspect you'll get it. word is he's tired and he would just as soon leave. people looking at a broader list on the assumption that brennan will back away and won't want it. but i really don't know. i shouldn't pretend i know because i don't. >> i would argue if brennan is tired, he's tired because that job the one he's in at the whitehouse is a 23-hour a day job. during that hour you got to keep your blackberry on even if you're asleep. the c cia job in many ways migt be less stressful for him. there's more staff support
and three other americans. lawmakers will question acting c-i-a director michael morell, national intelligence director james clapper, and a few other officials today. legislators are looking into: why intelligence leaders didn't anticipate or repel theand the obama administration's public response. >> what is clear is that this administration including the president himself had intentionally misinformed, in fact lied to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy. some republicans are criticizing u.n. ambassador susan rice. after the attack, she said intelligence pointed to a spontaneous attack... not a pre- planned one. president obama said the g-o-p should go after him instead former cia director david petraeus denied that his scheduled testimony over the september attack in benghazi, libya, had anything to do with his resignation, he told hln's kyra phillips. petraeus said that he never shared classified information with paula having an affair with. defense secretary leon panetta is ordering a review of defense programs to see if they are strong enough. a computer
appear to be backfiring. acting cia director michael morell accompanying rice to the meetings told gop senators tuesday it was the fbi that took references to al qaeda out of these unclassified talking points rice used for her tv appearances. but later in the day morell called to say he was wrong. it was actually his agency, the cia. >> i can't help but feel incredibly disappointed that we were told something at 10:00 a.m. that couldn't withstand scrutiny for six hours and that's totally inconsistent with what we were told the day before. we now have five different explanations of who changed the talking points to take out benghazi and four different reasons. this is becoming a joke. >> reporter: it is quite surprising that the acting cia director gave incorrect information on something as politically explosive as the controversial talking points that susan rice used in a meeting with among the administration's chief republican critics. you know, the answer to why he did it according to senators is simply that he misspoke, wolf. >> so a quick question, dana. does that mean michael more
. such behavior is unacceptable as a husband and as a leader of an organization such as ours. michael morell will step in, he has been deputy director since may of 2010. turning to the economy, with just 52 days to reach a deal, president obama is set to meet with congressional leader this is week to address the so-called fiscal cliff. the president and house speaker boehner signaling their open to compromise, but tax hikes on the rich remain a ticking point, and today is declared malala day. this is new video of malala recovering at a hospital in london. you see her there with her father. he got a outpouring of support. today marks one month since that attack. number four, people made home less by superstorm sandy are finding relief. fema set up a camp to help thousands of people affected. fema officials say sand sandy vs will be moved into better housing this weekend. and the ceo of waffle house has been accused of sexual abuse. rogers has not responded to the claims. barack obama and mitt romney dominated the headlines on election night, but a number of ballot initiatives also caught our
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